Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas is a time for joyous celebration for the Blessed Birth of Jesus.  Christmas is a time for family and traditions.  It is a time of magic, and happiness touched with sadness for those who can't join us at the Christmas table because of war, death, distance or family quarrels. 

Picture from the 1940's.  My Dad added Dutch traditions of gift giving to the family.  He would hide gifts, write poems to serve as clues to a gift, put gifts inside gifts.  He gave my Mom a beautiful diamond ring hidden inside of a pocket of a new robe.  The robe was the present she unwrapped.  Hiding gifts is probably why Mom, Grandma and I are in the doorway to the kitchen instead of by the tree. My brother and Grandma are looking on as I help with the unwrapping.  I have no pictures of my Dad at Christmas as he was always the one taking the pictures.  Be sure today that you take some pictures of the picture taker in your family.  The next generation will thank you.

Picture taken in the 1970's of my beautiful babies.  We added traditions to the family rituals.  An elaborate, elegant brunch was our contribution to new traditions as was Green Jello Salad.  I don't care what the food-snobs say, it isn't a holiday without Green Jello Salad which is deliciously cool and refreshing when served with the big Christmas dinner.  Double-click on the picture if you have trouble seeing Mitchell's happy expression on his face.

Picture taken in 2009.  New traditions are starting.  Grandson with his sax and his Leading Lady singing while Tom plays his clarinet is one of our newer traditions of  having a Christmas musical.  This year Christy has dusted off her trombone and Grand-daughter will play her trumpet.  Next year another Grandson will join Christy playing trombone. 

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and in our family two members of one family.

Our Daughter-in-law creates fabulous birthday cakes.  The flags are toothpicks and fruit roll-ups. 

Christmas is for children.  To me, the smiles on children's faces make the day so special. 


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