Monday, May 28, 2012


We remember, we honor, we should never forget those who have served our country.  Memorial Day gives us a day when we can all pause, remember and give thanks to those who have served in our Armed Forces and especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, to give us the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted.
Tom served 4 years in the Navy on a destroyer in the Middle East.

Uncle Pat fought with General Patton all the way up the Italian boot and was the gunner on the first American tank to cross the Rhein River.

My Dad received an appointment to Annapolis.  However, he found that he wasn't a citizen.  The judge had started to put his name on his Dad's paper when it was discovered he was too old to be put on the citizenship papers of a parent.  When WWII started, he was too old to serve in the military.  He joined the Civil Air Patrol.  He flew troops, in his own planes at his own expense, for quick trips home before deployment overseas.

Mitch, son, gave 6 years to his country serving in the Air Force in England and Montana.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Haley's Nana Margaret, her Sister and Mother.

I guess the question is as old as time.  Where does time go?  I am sure it was just yesterday when the first Katrinka and I headed out to Great Falls, Montana in my little old Honda to welcome Haley into this world and stay a few weeks.  After eighteen months of care-giving, The Katrinka and I finally headed home.  Now Baby Haley is heading to college.  Where does time go?  I would really like to know.

I can't believe it has been over two weeks since I posted.  I have been busy with some great recipes to post soon.  I know I kept saying that, but I will get busy.  I promise.

Life changes call for parties.  For Haley's graduation, her Uncle Bob prepared one of his Bountiful Burger Bars.  He puts out everything you would want on a burger and more so everyone can make their own ultimate burger.
Aunt Cindy and Uncle Matt brought Cindy's Dad fantastic taco salad.  She wanted to dress it at the last minute and it is such a big salad that they dressed out on the tailgate rather than mess up the kitchen.  Cousin Erin had to watch the process.  For Cindy's Dad's salad recipe go to:

Cousin Zach wanted to make sure his Grandpa's salad was make correctly. 
Haley had to come out to see what was happening.
Salad is done.  Time to eat.
In one corner Bob puts out ketchup, three different mustards, three different cheeses, mayonnaise, Canadian bacon for a burger famous at the Butler in Saugatuck, MI, crispy bacon, and grilled pineapple.  The pineapple is to duplicated a burger from Red Robin.

Bob's sauces included across the top from the left, teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, A-1 steal sauce and pickle relish.  Across the bottom from the left, red salsa, green olives, black olives and sliced pickles.
Next comes green salsa, sliced Jalapeno peppers, sauteed mushrooms, sliced and grilled red onions, sliced tomatoes and lettuce.
A better pictures showing the peppers and onions.
Avocado, more lettuce, and sliced raw, red onions round out the condiments.  The taco salad sets ready to be enjoyed.
Cousin Erin made Haley's graduation cake.  What talent my Grand-daughter has.  The numbers are rice crispy treats covered with fondant.
I had to take two pictures to get all the numbers to show.

Haley and Erin admire the cake.
Family tradition says that the person being honored has to make the first cut in the cake.
Cousin Zach waiting for the cake to be served.
Cousin Zach enjoying the cake.
Cousin Bradley, soon to be cousin Jera with Grandma "Doughnut" in the background.
Cousin Tanner says, "A good time was had by all."  Family is what it is all about in life.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today is the last day of the 2012 Tulip Festival in Holland, Mi.  There are so many things to do at the Festival even when the weather has made the tulips bloom early or late.  This year the tulips were just about gone by the day the festival was to start.
However, the people in Holland have a good sense of humor and offered buttons or T-shirts printed with "Stem Fest 2012."
Tulip stems for Stem Fest.
Even without tulips in bloom going to the Tulip Festival is so much fun.  This joyful woman is dressed in a traditional dress from the Isle of Maarken.
There is Dutch dancing all over the city during Festival.
Dutch music fills the streets and events during Festival.
Nancy VanDerPuy of www.nancyalison.com or nancyalison@charter.net makes the most beautiful knitted beaded purses which is an old Dutch craft.  Picture not taken by me:  Nancy sells kits for doing your own purses.
Nancy's purses were fantastic.
This is an old Dutch pattern.
The purse that Nancy was using.
There were books on patterns available as well as kits for making a purse done by Nancy for sale.
This is a Miser Purse.  Miser Purses date back to the 1800's according to Nancy.  They were carried over a belt as many Victorian clothes did not have pockets.
The top of this purse is interesting.  The little round top opens so you can put your hand into the purse.
The top open so your hand fits into the purse.
I like this pattern.
Mini-purses for American Dolls.

Bridal purses would make a great gift for a bride with Dutch heritage.
So beautiful.

Kathy, an artist, with a gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan paints wooden shoes and decorates them by wood burning designs in them.  Picture not taken by me:  Gentleman making wooden shoes with hand tools.  So much to see, I can't take it all in at once.
Small wooden shoes painted by Kathy.
Kathy paints many different styles.
A beautiful Christmas decoration.
A fun flip-flop or a shoe with the toe poking out.
Tulips for the Tulip Festival.
Homemade Stoopwafels were available from www.ilovestrootwafels.com  The information given out at the table says that Stroopwafels originate in Gouda, a city in the Netherlands as well as a cheese, in 1784.  For my recipe for Stroopwafels go to:
"Stoopies are waffle cookies filled with a caramel-type syrup mixture.  They are made to put on a hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa.  As the cookie sets on the cup the syrup mixture heats and softens for luscious eating.
There are many clothes for American Dolls.  Aren't the aprons darling?
Traditional Dutch clothing was different in each area of the Netherlands.
Tom liked his adult version of the Fisherman's hat seen on the boy doll.
The Festival is a happy place.

Dutch food is prepared and served by people from First United Methodist Church, Grace Episcopal Church and Fennville Assembly of God.  All proceed are donated to mission projects locally and throughout the world.  Mary Jo, who is the incredible cook, is on the left.
Ingredient list for Dutch Oliebollen "fat balls" which are so yummy.
Keeping the Oliebollen warm.  For a recipe for Oliebollen go to:

Tourist showing off her Oliebollen.
Dutch Pea Soup
For a recipe for my family's pea soup, go to:
Dutch Currant Bread and Dutch Banket are for sale to take home.
There are samples out on the tables for people to look at before they order.
Lots of good food for sale.
Tulips, traditional Dutch dress, and Banket, almond paste wrapped in flaky pastry, what could be better?