Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It may have been our Grandparents or even Great-grandparents who left the Mother-country of the Netherlands, but we Dutch-Americans are proud of our heritage and celebrate it during the holidays.  Food booths at church bazaars in Western Michigan feature pea soup and pigs in the blanket.  Apple dumplings are another big favorite.  Bonket is sold by home baker's at many bazaars.

Dutch cooking is so common place that I didn't know our family food was cooked in a Dutch-style until I went to college.  I thought everyone ate pea soup on Saturdays unless you were Polish as most of my friends from high school were.  They ate duck blood soup.

The Dutch introduced cookies to America when they settled New Amsterdam, now New York.  The word cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje which means little cake.  Christmas and cookies go together to me are like the shepherds and the wise men.  My Mom and Grandma spent most of December making cookies for all the family no matter where they lived, the postman, the minister, the neighbors, the family doctors, and anyone who had anything to do with our family.  There were tins of cookies stacked everywhere. 

"One who sows a garden reaps happiness" is written on the pillow on the chair.  A lovely table set for two at a church bazaar.

A wreath within a wreath.

A garden Angel.

Red bows and pointsettas

A little secret garden at a bazaar.

This apple pie did not photograph well but it sure ate well.  It had almond paste on the crust.  I could have eaten the whole pie!!!!!!

Windmill cookies do not need to be molded.  They can be cut with a cookie cutter and in this case, piped with white chocolate.

Pretty white star cookie even I could make as it has no piped decorations.

Cookies, cookies, cookies.  Cookie walks at our church bazaars are very popular.  You go down a long table filled with different cookies and tell the lady behind the table how many you want of each kind.  Then you pay by the pound.  Tom has no idea what our cookies he so enjoys cost.  The weight adds up fast!!!

At one church food booth, we feasted on pea soup, Dutch Pigs in the Blanket and an Apple Dumpling.

A Dutch quarter-pounder.  At this church they put a quarter pound of sausage in each of their "Pigs."

Their Dutch Quarter-Pounders were delicious!!

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