Sunday, August 17, 2014




Here is the link to one of my favorite tips for summer.  Have years of shucking corn, putting large pots of water on the stove to boil, draining or removing the cooked corn from the boiling water, I discovered baked corn.  You must try.  It makes serving corn to a family or a crowd so easy and in the summer heat, we want easy. 

Ivanna, my Grandson's sister-in-law, has taught me a new way to shuck the corn after it is baked.  Ivanna cuts off the stem end of the cooked corn right at the place where the corn kernels start.  Tightly hold the end with all the silky stuff and squeeze the cob out of the husk through the stem end.  All the silk stays in the husk.  

I NEED HELP.  Some of my friends told me that the Print Button is not working on my blog posts.  Tom always took care of all the technical problems with the blog.  I am clueless.  Anyone out there who could or would help me? 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Life without Tom is still very painful, but I have started to do more cooking for family and friends.  When Tom's cousins were here from Mississippi, I made these pickles just about every day as The Cousins just loved them.  The pickles were used as a fresh cucumber salad, a relish for sandwiches, and they even used the juice for a salad dressing.

I also made them for the first time for the family my Grandson married into last summer.  Not only has he become a very valued member of the family, but they have adopted me too.  Last Sunday there was a steak cook-off dinner around the pool.  All the men cooked their best steak recipe.  I am glad we weren't required to vote for a favorite as they were all great.  These pickles were a big hit too. My favorite picture of the heart, as I didn't have a camera, was Bradley walking down the middle of the road pulling his grill behind him as he brought the grill from his home to his in-laws.  Caption to the picture in my heart, "Taking your grill for a walk greatly improves the flavor of the food you're grilling."