Monday, December 20, 2010


Enjoy every moment.  Don't worry about the dust.  Remember to take pictures for your heart.  So many times we don't have a camera for those special moments.  That's when I say take a picture in your mind, and store it in your heart. 

To me this is one of those perfect pictures and I was lucky to have a camera.  Here our Grandson is 2 1/2 and he is standing on the porch with two of his cousins.  I am sure I just took this picture last summer.

However, this picture was taken at his 12th birthday party last night.

And "my little boy" in the red sweatshirt is my "baby".  We celebrate his 40th, this must be a mistake, birthday later this week.

Ride the saddle, Grandson, and let's go backwards in age for a while.

The picture of our grandson and grand-daughters was taken during the summer of the "Black Dog".  Katrinka was a Wild Child as she was a young German Shepherd with too much energy at that time.  I had my Grand-Daughters from Seattle staying with me for the summer.  Everyday my three grandchildren and I went to the dog beach to get Katrinka exercise so we could stand to live with her.  Katrinka hated other dogs until on the beach she spotted a big Black Lab mix named George.  It was BFF between the two.  The two dogs and the three children frolicked on the beach together.  They sprayed water and sand on whoever was around.  George's owner/Daddy decided he didn't want to miss out on the fun and began moving his beach blanket closer to us every day.  He didn't want to move too fast as he was a crusty old bachelor of 58 from California.  A year later he and George came back to Michigan and joined our family for good.  He and I married so Katrinka and George could live together.  The grand-children are very happy with the Grandpa that Katrinka picked out.

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