Sunday, October 17, 2010


Fall is not just a time for football.

Although football is one of the fun things I love to watch the Fall.

There is also soccer!  We have to make time for football games and soccer games.  He has always been a natural at soccor, but this year he has decided his team mates can kick the ball to him as he doesn't like to get involved with what he calls, "kick-fests." 

The great thing about soccer is that girls get to play too.

The rewards of soccer, besides metals and chocolate covered doughnuts, are many.

There is also girls fast pitch softball in the Fall.  I think softball goes on all year as they even play it inside fieldhouses.

Back in the Dark Ages when I was young, there were no organized sports for women.  We just took these dorky gym classes that gave us no skills to use later in life.  As I watch my grandchildren play sports I can't help but reflect on all they are learning in life lessons as well as learning skills in their individual sports.

To not get discouraged when you are on the losing side of the score board is a big life lesson. Knowing that you can come from behind and win is huge. Teamwork and being part of a team is so important and where better to learn it than in sports. That learning can then translate easily into a boardroom someday. Discipline in following the rules and learning to take creative criticism without getting mad is something we all need in life. Learning this while playing sports makes it a fun lesson. Yesterday Grandson’s football team lost because the other team got away with violating some of the rules. To learn life is not fair is invaluable. Knowing you did your best and still didn’t win, gives you the knowledge that winning isn’t everything but doing your best is. I think the biggest contribution sports makes is gaining confidence in yourself and your abilities. As you practice and get better in your sport, you learn to feel you can handle other challenges sent your way. Dealing witg disappointment, getting along well with others, and learning to win graciously, all so important are all learned in playing sports. We women, of a certain generation, were done a disservice by not having girls sport teams in high school.

When I took tennis lessons after my children were an age to be alone for an hour, the biggest thing I learned was concentration. All my life I was a multi-tasker, doing one job while doing multiple other tasks in my head. With tennis I learned I could not play and plan the dinner menu at the same time. I had to concentrate on the ball and nothing else. I learned sports were a great way to leave your troubles behind and have fun as you couldn’t worry and play at the same time. I am so glad there as so many sports activities for my Grandchildren starting at a very young age.

Our oldest Grandson would say you can learn all these life lessons marching in band competitions and he is right.  The last two years in high school, he went with his high school band to the National Band Competitions in Indianapolis, IN.  We were in the Indianapolis Colt's football stadium watching the competitions.  The band members had worked just as hard as a football team.  They were just as exciting as watching a football game.  Our Grandson says you learn even more in a marching band than you do in sports.

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