Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The world's largest art prize ended in Grand Rapids on Sunday.   There were over 1,700 pieces of art entered in the competition.  The first prize winner won $250,000.  It was impossible for us to see everything with our current schedule; however, we spent a wonderful morning among the crowds in GR viewing the pieces right in the center of town.  From time to time we will be sharing our pictures with you.

The wonderful thing about art prize is that it gets people talking about what is art?  There were all kinds of different mediums used.  It was fun just listening to what people were saying about different pieces as you walked around the City.

Remember to double-click on the pictures to make them full-sized on your screen.

This is a blog about the love of Michigan and the love of food so we start with this one entered by a butcher shop in Holland.

The artist  who created this was in the top 10 last year with a full-sized moose made out of nails.  He and his family worked out a theme for this year's piece together.  This is the head of Daddy Lion, who is part of a pride of lions, placed on sand complete with a monkey in a tree.  What stuck me as you walked around the lions was that you come feel the love of family in the piece.  This piece was in the top 10 this year.
"Dancing with Lions" by Bill Secunda

Lioness with cubs.  All the figures were made out of nails.

Close-up of Mama Lion with her babies.

Every art prize has its dragons.

Who doesn't love a dragon?

This is a top 10 winner.  I love the wolf to the left.
"A Matter of Time" by Paul Baliker

This is a glass mosaic with 87,00 pieces of individually cut pieces of glass in it.  It won second prize but I would have given it first prize.
"Svelata" by Mia Tavonatti
I was in awe of this piece of work.  The piece is insanely beautiful.

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