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Creamed soups are very popular in most Dutch homes, but my Dad didn't like them. He called them "pap" in a very derogatory way so we never had them; so I have no family recipes. Therefore, when I discovered Knorr's Leek Soup Mix, I was thrilled to have found a quick and delicious short cut to all sorts of creamed soups.

Amber and her husband will not longer be bringing whitefish to the market until next spring. With fall here, I thought I would make fish chowder with the last Whitefish of the season.

Hope you like this chowder Amber.

I like my chowders chunky so I add chopped celery and onions. To reduce fat, I do not use cream in my chowders. I use fat-free evaporated milk right out of the can. It adds silky creaminess and a rich flavorful mouth-feel without the addition of cream.

Creamy and nutritous with no guilt just flavor.  Enjoy!!!

For my Dear Friend Patricia, who doesn’t like fish---how can someone not like fish?  Patricia can use extra potatoes and no fish or scallops for her soup. Cook three or four or more potatoes in the 3-cups of water.  Then follow the directions for the soup, eliminating any references to the fish. You now have A QUICK AND EASY POTATO SOUP FOR PATRICIA. Patricia loves potatoes.  A can of drained corn or frozen corn can be added for POTATO CORN CHOWDER.


1 pkg. Knorr Leek Soup Mix
1 lb. Lake Michigan Whitefish or other mild fish
½ lb. frozen scallops
2 medium potatoes, finely diced
2 stalks celery, diced
¼ large white onion, diced
A pat of butter
1 (12oz) can evaporated milk
Diced crisp pieces of cooked bacon or salt pork for garnish, optional

Ingredients:  Knorr's Leek soup mix, whitefish, scallops, potatoes, celery, onions, fat-free evaporated milk, and bacon or salt pork for garnish.

In a skillet bring about 2 cups of water to a boil. Add some Old Bay Seasoning, if desired. Add the whitefish fillet and gently simmer until done. Remove the fish from the liquid. Add the scallops to the cooking liquid and simmer gently until the scallops are opaque. Remove the scallops from the liquid. Put the cooking liquid in a 4-cup measuring cup. Add enough water to the cooking liquid to make 3 cups. In a 2-quart saucepan, put potatoes and pour over them the fish/scallop cooking liquid. Cover the pan and cook the potatoes until fork tender. Add butter to a sauté pan. Put celery and onions in the sauté pan; sauté until onions are just starting to turn translucent. Add celery and onions to potatoes. When potatoes are fork tender, gradually add soup mix to the potatoes, whisking the mixture the whole time. Cover and cook, stirring frequently, an additional 5 minutes. Break up the fish. Add to the soup. Add scallops to the soup. Pour in the can of evaporated milk. Simmer until heated through completely. DO NOT BOIL. Milk will curdle if soup is boiled after the milk is added. Cut the bacon into thin slices.  Put in a frying pan and cook until crisp.  Drain well.  Serve the soup garnished with crisp bacon or salt pork.

If you want a spicier chower add Old Bay seasoning.  I cooked the whitefish with some Old Bay in the water. 

Put fish in boiling water and simmer.

Flip fish over to cook the other side.

Fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork.  Remove from water.

Remove skin from fish.  This is a happy time for Katrinka and Izza as they get the skin.

Poach scallops in the same water that cooked the fish until they become opaque.

Remove scallops from water and pour water into a measuring cup.

Add cold water to the fish liquid to make 3 cups of fluid.

Put fish water liquid in a pan and add potatoes.

Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer until the potatoes flake easily with a fork.  Can you see the potatoes through the steam and water?

Dice some celery and onion.

Looks good.

In fish pan, put a pat of butter.

Add celery and onion.  Saute until onion becomes translucent.

Add celery and onion to potatoes.  You must trust me, the celery and onion are hiding in the steam and water.

When potatoes are cooked, gradually add soup mix.  Whisk continuously as you add the mix.

Add the scallops to the soup mixture.

Break up the fish into pieces.

Add to the soup mixture.

Dice or cut strips of bacon or salt pork

Put into frying pan and cook until crispy.

Nice and crispy.

Drain bacon or salt pork on paper towels.

Add evaporated milk to soup mixture.  DO NOT ALLOW SOUP TO COME TO A BOIL.  Never allow soup with milk or cream in it to come to a boil as the milk or cream will cruddle.

Season with pepper, if desired.  For a spicier soup, season with Old Bay Seasoning.

Add bacon or salt pork as a garnish and enjoy!!

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