Monday, November 15, 2010


Last week we went to the 35th annual Greek Luncheon put on by the Philptochos Society of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The first thing you notice at the luncheon is all the beautiful Greek women.  The second thing you notice is how hard they all are working.

Lovely art is everywhere.

While selling tickets, the next generation is trained to "Freely you have received, freely give"  Matthew 10:8

The dining hall is beautifully decorated.  Philoptochos means "friend of the poor."  All the profits go to helping the poor, "be they poor in spirit, health, companionship, emotional stability or poor in whatever is needed to lead a fulfilling life."

The place mats give us information to enjoy as we eat.

There is wonderful Greek jewelry and worry beads for sale.

Fantastic bread, cookies, baklava, and spanakopita are for sale.  These women work long and hard to make this day such a pleasant experience.

The Philoptochos Society does a fund raising dinner in the summer at the church,  and in June the ladies of Holy Trinity have a food booth at Celebration of the Arts in Grand Rapids.  Their food booth always has the longest lines waiting for service as the quality of their food is well known.

The tables are lovely and the service is excellent. 

With a wave of his flag, this gentleman makes sure the tables are filled in an orderly fashion.

Huge pans of Pastitsio, baked pasta with meat sauce, wait to be served.

Delicious Greek salad is ready for the plates.

The baklava is ready.

Everyone is getting ready for the doors to open to the crowd.

I wish I could get a plate from them right now.  Their food is so wonderful.

This is my red-headed Greek friend.  She reminded me that the Phihoptochos, Fill-ohp'-toe-hohs, means friend of the poor.  Their mission is extremely important to them.

The luncheon plate consists of:  Pastitisio, spanakopita (spinach roll), Greek salad, Greek holiday bread with butter and baklava.

Some of the people the Philoptochos have helped.  Double-click the picture for a full screen view of the poster.

This lovely lady told me about Masticha which they use to flavor their Holiday bread.  Masticha is a resin from an evergreen tree that only grows on the southern part of the Greek Island, Chios or Khios.  Masticha is very expensive and has a distinctive and very pleasing taste.  It looks like a shiny stone and is crushed in a mortar with a pestle and a pinch of sugar to use in the bread.  It can be ordered from:  http://www.mastihashopny.com/

The delightful Greek Holiday Bread with Masticha.

Lovely religious art is sold at the luncheon.  There is something for everyone to enjoy and/or purchase.

A quote from the An Introduction to Philoptochos  Orthodox Christian Faith:  "The benevolent works of Philoptochos are a continuation of Christ's ministry on earth.  Philoptochos takes the opportunity, through its ministries and programs, to return to God a portion of the time, talents and resources with which He has gifted us." 
The Taste Of Life Greek Food is Holy Trinity's cookbook.  I have it and it is excellent.  They generously share all the recipes they use for their fund raising programs plus great recipes for any occasion.  It can be ordered from:  Ladies Philoptochos Scoiety, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 330 Lakeside Dr. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone:  616-454-6563
Fax:  616-454-8992

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