Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The old saying, "A day late and a dollar short." seems to be my new motto for life. Between days spent at the hospital with my husband, and a sick dog, I seem to be doing more caring than preparing. I didn’t get a chance to make Day of Dead Bread, but yesterday we were out of the hospital early and had a chance to stop at a Mexican Bakery on the way home.

I really enjoy ethnic grocery stores. The last few decades has seen the population of Grand Rapids swell with many different ethnic groups. The results are wonderful ethnic grocery stores scattered through town. There is so much to learn about people by just wandering the aisles. The bakeries are offer fabulous delights. The ethnic meat markets offer cuts of meat not found in chain-store meat counters. At the Mexican meat market, there are slices of round steak cut very thin which are prefect for making German Roulades. Yesterday I saw a different cut of beef short ribs which had more meat than fat which I want to try in a hearty winter dish. We are lucky to have many different Asian markets, a Bosnian bakery, great Polish meat markets, Mediterranean markets, International markets, and, of course, Dutch markets.

I recently read that Day of the Dead is a two day event. November 1st is for the children and November 2nd is for adults so I was hoping that the bakery would still have Pan de Muerto. I found two different shapes so I would have examples for when I make mine next year.

This round loaf with bone-shapes across the top is what I would try to make.

The very fine sugar on the outsides of Mexican breads adds the sweetness to the not so sweet bread.

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