Saturday, January 29, 2011


I learned this technique from a dear friend of Tom's cousin named Bill.  Bill lives in Wisconsin and actually has access to Packer tickets.  According to Wilipedia, the Packers have sold out every home game since 1960.  The Packers have the longest waiting lists for season tickets than any other profession sport.  There are more names on the waiting list than there are seats in Lambeau Field.  The estimated wait to get season tickets is between 30 to 100 years.  Many people who have season tickets leave them to family in their Wills.  Others put their new born child on the waiting list as soon as the child is born.  Wisconsin loves their Packers.

Brat, beer, onions and pretzel bun.  Mustard and the green plate make Packer colors.  For a awesome sauce for the brats, try Matthew's Secret Sauce  at http://michigancottagecook.blogspot.com/2011/01/kielbasapolish-sausage-how-to-cook.html

Bill showed us how he cooks bratwurst on one of his trips to visit the cousin's cottage.  It is a wonderful way to cook the brats at a tailgate or at home before the party starts as Bill's method keeps the brats warm so you can cook the brats ahead of time and concentrate on other parts of the meal.


Grilled brats
White onions, quartered and sliced
Hot dog or brat buns, I picked up pretzel buns

Ingredients:  Brats, these are pre-cooked kind, white onion, beer and buns.

Grill the brats.  I broiled them because our grill outside is under a very large pile of snow.  Slice the onions.  Put the onions in a saucepan and cover with beer.  Cook the onions and beer together for a couple of minutes.  Add grilled brats to onion/beer mixture.  Put saucepan on a warm place on the grill or turn the burner to simmer.  Cover pan and let the brats, beer and onions set until ready to serve.  To serve, put brat in a bun and add some of the onions from the beer mixture, if desired.

I put the brats on aluminum foil on the broiler pan and broiled on each side 3 to 4 minutes on high.

Quarter the white onion.

Then slice the onion.

Put onion slices in a saucepan.

Cover with beer plus enough to cover brats.  I was only cooking four brats.

Onions cooking in beer.  I can't get a picture as it steams up the camera.

Brats are grilled (broiled).

Put cooked brats in beer and onions.

Turn the heat to simmer, cover, and let the brats set until serving time.

Slice the bun down the top.

I like to remove the some of the inside of the bun to make room for the brat.

Put a brat in the bun.

Top with onions that have cooked in beer, if desired.

Add some mustard or Matthew's Secret Sauce.  Enjoy!!!!

I am a German Shepherd and I approve of brats, beer, and pretzel buns.  Where is mine, Mom??

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