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In Missouri, I was famous for my fried rice.  This is back when most women had honorary titles like "First Lady of the College" and worked as hard as they would if they had a regular job.  The only difference was there was no pay.  Women were famous for the gardens, housekeeping skills or cooking skills, like the special cake they took to every church dinner or in my case my fried rice.

I have written for my children and now grandchildren an unpublished cookbook which contains over 800 recipes.  Of all the recipes in the cookbook, their favorite dish that I cook for them is my Famous Fried Rice.  They love their Grandma's Spaghetti and my Fried Rice. 

Famous Fried Rice good with any meat.  Wonderful any time of the year.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

In Missouri I made big pans of this rice when I had company and everyone always wanted the recipe. I would make it in the afternoon without the green onions and keep it warm in my electric frying pan.  Just before serving, I would add the green onions.  Adding the onions just before serving keeps their fresh taste.  Fried rice is a simple dish, but as with most simple dishes it relies on high quality ingredients for maximum flavor, taste and texture. Chicken, shrimp or vegetables can be added to the basic recipe, if desired

To make fried rice, the cooked rice must be well chilled.  If you need to make it in a hurry, put the cooked rice in the freezer to chilled.  I find only long, or extra long rice makes a decent fried rice.  It is the only kind I use.  I have started making fried rice with brown rice as it is healthier. 

1 c extra-long or long grain white rice
2 c cold water, to cook the rice
Bacon, 4 to 6 slices or to taste
3 to 4 eggs, beaten
2 T Soy sauce
Green Onions

Use long grain rice, either white or brown.

Ingredients:  Rice, soy sauce, bacon, eggs, and green onions.

Use a good brand of soy sauce.

In a heavy saucepan, bring rice and water to a boil. Cover pan. Reduce heat to very low and cook rice for 15 minutes; all the water should be absorbed. (For brown rice, use the cooking direction on the package.)  Chill rice. One of the secrets of making good fried rice is the rice must be COLD before frying. Dice bacon, fry until crisp; drain, reserving the grease. Scramble the eggs in a little bacon grease; chop into small pieces. In a large frying pan or wok, heat 3 to 6 tablespoon of the reserved bacon grease. Add the chilled rice and heat until grains of rice are separated and coated with bacon grease. Add soy sauce to taste. Add the bacon and the eggs to rice mixture and mix together. Up to this point, rice can be prepared and kept warm until serving. Just before serving add chopped green onions, I like a lot of onion. Onions are added at the last minute to retain the fresh flavor.  Taste for seasoning, add more soy sauce if necessary. 

Cut bacon into strips.

In a large frying pan, cook the bacon.  I use my electric fry pan but a regular frying pan works well.

Fry bacon until crisp.  Remove bacon to a paper towel.  Pour off the bacon grease and reserve.

Beat eggs in a bowl.  Do not season.  Put a little bacon grease in a small frying pan, add eggs and cook.

Cook eggs by stirring them around in the pan.  They do not have to be fluffy like scrambled eggs.

Chop cooked eggs into pieces.

Chop green onions and set aside.

Pour some of the reserved bacon grease into large frying pan.  Add chilled rice.  Cook, stirring, until rice grains are slightly coated with bacon grease.

Season with soy sauce.

Mix in the soy sauce.

Add prepared eggs and bacon.

Stir well.

Add green onions.

Serve and enjoy!!!!  I like to serve Fried Rice with green peas.

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  1. This recipe is so yummy!! Thankyou so much for taking the time to explain in such detail! This is def a new family favourite!

    Amanda ( All the way in Australia)