Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Do all Grandmas get tired or am I an anomaly? We just returned from a fabulous, fantastic, fun weekend in Chicago with Oldest Son’s family. Weekend included a softball tournament, a parade and a celebratory dinner for Michelle’s new promotion.  Now I just want to sit on the couch and stare into space.

The softball tournament was 75 miles away through lots of road construction with 45 mile an hour speed limits. Of course, the games started early in the morning! What a joy to see so many young girls playing sports. Our Grand-daughter is an outstanding pitcher and great all round player. Our Son is the coach, difficult with his schedule but he makes it happen. We were able to see three of the games which meant early morning wake- up calls.

Go Hurricanes!

Other Grand-daughter is in a flag corp and marched in Elk Grove’s Annual Hometown Parade. We had to be there early to deliver her and then the parade started late. After the first part of the parade started, it stopped for over a half hour. Finally it got going. The Chicago Blackhawks were in the parade with the Stanley Cup. It was great to see the Cup even though it belongs in Detroit!! Go Red Wings. The flags were almost at the end of the parade but to see our beautiful Grand-daughter performing was well worth the wait!!!!

Waiting for the parade gave us plenty of time to watch airplanes take off.

Stanley Cup.

Tommy Hawk--Go Red Wings!

The Flag Corp.

Grandpa's taking my picture.  Big brown eyes are closed but can't hide those dimples.

With all the activities it is a good thing we travel prepared. My heart would have a red convertible to run around in as the car my Dad bought my Mom when I was sixteen and driving was a red Ford convertible. Mom hated it. Dad and I loved it. However I will give you a tour of what we need to carry in our car for every day life. First there is a full sized dog bed for Katrinka. She is elderly and sitting on a seat for any length of time is uncomfortable for her. There is also a small dog bed for Izzy. There is a booster seat for youngest Grandson so he can be picked up at a moment’s notice and be driven around legally. Chairs in bags are essential for parades and ball games in parks without bleachers. Bleacher seats with backs help old grand parents sit on for longer periods of time without pain. Our yoga mats and yoga bag take up another section of the back area. A cooler is necessary for water bottles and unexpected purchases. Umbrellas are needed as we seem to be rain makers when it comes to grandchildren performing. I am sure there is more but I am too tired to go out to the van and check. However, I think you can “see” why we drive a red van rather than a red convertible.

I picked up two wonderful ideas for good food at the Celebratory Dinner at Cooper’s Hawk restaurant. Hopefully I can get them developed and posted soon for you. One is their Drunken Shrimp. I did get one before Tom eat all the ones we were suppose to have been sharing. The other is a flavored butter I have come up with to duplicate their wonderful Cowboy Steak.

We arrived home just in time to go to Grandson's baseball game coached by Youngest Son.

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