Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It has been so hot here, and neither Izzy or I like the heat, so we haven't been going on our "adventures" like we usually do.  Every day more aarfWALK dogs appear on the streets of Grand Haven.  Sunday was cooler so we set out to get some pictures of the "dogs".  Izzy has to sit in the car while I take pictures.  To paraphrase a song from the musical Oklahoma, "She always says come on lets go while I am saying No."  If I have her on her leash, she always takes off just as I try to take a picture. 

I have the wind in my fur and I'm ready to go.

Fringe and mop dog at a bread and breakfast.

Such a cute face.

At a downtown bank, a recycle dog.

With lots color,

done by a 4th grade class at Peach Plains School

I'm guarding the car just like Katrinka taught me.

Butch's Beach Burritos has a dog with a sombrero and maracas.

This dog at Chow Hound has a downtown street scene on one side,

the strip mall with Chow Hound on another side,

and the Grand Haven beachfront on the third side.

At a dentist office, the dog has big teeth-

with the Tooth Fairy trying to brush those big teeth.

I wish she would brush Izzy's teeth for me. 

A downtown hair salon recycled hair products.

This makes for a good use of rollers and scrunchies.

At an adult care facility, there is felt fringe dog.

With a cute face and

his "fur" blowing in the wind.

I'm not happy about it, but I am still guarding the car.

At a winery, a stained glass dog.

With glass grass,

corks for food in his bowl,

bottles for ribs,

and labels for a collar.

Lots of children's hands make this dog colorful.

I'm tired of guarding the car.  Can we go home and make pancakes??

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