Monday, August 6, 2012


I think it is wonderful that Grand Haven honors one of our armed services with a festival.  The festival was one of the highlights of the summer for Margaret and I when we were young.  When my children were young, I always planned our vacation from Missouri to coincide with the dates of the GRAND HAVEN'S COAST GUARD FESTIVAL.

On Dewey Hill where the Musical Fountain is located, the letters say "COAST GUARD CITY USA".  There is also a huge anchor at the very top of the dune.

Memorial to the USCG vessel Escanaba which was hit and sunk by the German's in World War II.

As I age and with Tom gone, I am happy that others still find joy in the festival.  However, I start to feel a prisoner of the festival.  If I decide to brave the traffic, when I come home I probably won't have a place to park because when the town gets so crowded, people will park anywhere even illegally or on posted property. 

Saturday night a cool-front went through the state giving a little much needed rain and dropping the temperatures out of the 90'sF.  After the fireworks Saturday night the food trucks, the carnival, and most of the people packed up and headed out of Grand Haven. 


Cooler temperatures and a lot less traffic tempted Izzy and I out to do the aarfWalk.  Of course, we lazy girls did not walk, we rode a Mustang. 

As we were checking out all the creative ways people have transformed blank dog shapes, we passed restaurants with long lines waiting for breakfast.

aarfWalk dog at the hospital.

Izzy and I looked at the long lines and decided we could do better by eating at home.  Home also solved a problem we have.  Even though Izzy has impeccable manners, she is not allowed inside a restaurant and has to stay outside when I go into eat.  So Sad.

We went home and made pancakes and sausages.  I have posted two fantastic pancake recipes in earlier posts.  They are worth taking another look at as one is a my copy-cat recipe for Aretha Frankensteins Insanely Great Pancakes and the other is my version of Potato Pancakes made easy and without all the frying oil.

My son-in-law likes applesauce and sour cream with his Potato Pancakes so I have added the web-address for the posting on my Grandma's Easy Applesauce.


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