Thursday, November 17, 2011


Pilgrim Hat cookie from the church bazaar.

Cookies I selected from the bazaar cookie walk---more later.

I picked up this cute Pilgrim hat cookie on the cookie walk at The Church of the Dunes Christmas Bazaar in Grand Haven. The cookies offered at that bazaar are always delicious and special. This Pilgrim's Hat is made with a fudge strip cookie, a miniature peanut butter cup, frosting and a breath mint.  When my children were young, I would have liked to have this cookie idea in my recipe box for those times you need a school treat in a big hurry.

My children were notorious for telling me, as they filed out the door to catch the school bus, that they forgot and one of them needed cookies or something else for me to make for them for school that day. I remember the worst was when they needed egg shells with the egg blown out of the shell so it could be decorated at school.  If you never have blown an egg out of its shell, you don't know what you are missing.

First you take a sewing needle and poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg.  If you are really lucky, you will get the needle into the shell and the shell won't shatter.  I have read that now crafter's use a high speed drill to make the holes.  After you get the holes in the shell, you blow into one end of the shell and the egg comes out the other hole in the shell.  I have huffed and puffed until I was blue in the face and had almost blown my own brick house down while the egg stayed in the shell and smirked at me.

So if you need something quick and easy for thanksgiving try these cute hats. They would also look nice on a plate as a decoration for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Turn a fudge strip cookie upside down so the chocolate side is right side up.

I like frosting in a can as I am not good with a piping bag. 

Attach a miniature peanut butter cup to the cookie with frosting and pipe a brim on the hat with the frosting.

Attach a little citrus breath-mint on the brim for a buckle.  Done!!!  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!

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