Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving from me and my family.  Like other holidays, Thanksgiving is a time for happiness, but also a time for a feeling of sadness for those who have passed or for families broken by anger, disagreements, and other silly things.  It should be a time to reach out and be thankful for not only our friends, but to those we disagree with and are estranged.  As a family this year, we learned just how short life can be.

Thanksgiving is time for the big Macy's parade.  However, all around America there are towns, big and small, having parades to celebrate the season.  Small town parades just seem to scream, "An American Tradition."  It is when we honor those who serve to keep us safe.  We celebrate the fire trucks, the police cars, the snow plows, farm equipment, the senior citizens riding in their housing buses, babies, little kids, dogs, horses, and marching bands.

Here are our pictures from the Hudsonville Thanksgiving and Christmas parade.

The Parade starts.

Here comes the fire truck.

I have always like the Pink Panther and the
Energizer Bunny.

Here comes my Grand-daughters band.
Proud Papa.

Proud Mama and very tired Grandma sitting on her walker.

Second row trumpet, that's our Erin.

She is doing so well she deserves two pictures.

I love the horses.

More horses.

It is Michigan, there has to be a boat in the parade.

A parade has to have floats.

Dogs are a must.

Is that gray animal a dog or a pony?  :)

A plumbing company made Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer, out of a toilet and some branches for antlers.

Fancy cars a must.

And finally, here comes Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause.

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