Tuesday, November 1, 2011


All my tropical plants are now in the house after being outside for the summer.  It has been a difficult time as Tom isn't here to help and lifting anything with my soon to be replaced knees guarantees either white or red hot pain.

Now that the plants are in the house, I will start posting recipes again.  I have a very different egg roll recipe for you.  This summer I made Greek Kabobs for Joyce and John, and never posted the recipe.  I went to a cancer benefit with my friend Connie and took lots of pictures of the fabulous tablescapes decorated for this event.  Tablescapes have never been my thing as getting dinner or any meal on the table was more important to me than cluttering the table with lots of stuff.  I like a table cluttered with food.  The benefit was fun and for a good cause.  I was in awe of the creativity and the time necessary to put on the benefit.

These are just a very few of my tropical plants.  I don't just have a green thumb, I have 10 green Dutch fingers.  Plants and books are my "thing".  I use to tell Tom to be glad I didn't collect diamonds.

I have pictures of Morgan's First Communion party and a wonderful punch recipe from Dede the Domestic Diva!  Dede forgot an ingredient in the punch and I liked it much better than most punches as it wasn't real sweet.  So many punches are so sweet that they make me more thirsty rather than satisfying my thirst.

Slowly I am trying to pick up the threads of my life after losing Tom to cancer.  When your spouse dies, all your hopes and dreams go with them.  I now struggle to find a way to live my life in such a way that maybe someday at least a ray of joy will come back.

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