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The Westside of Grand Rapids is so fortunate to still have family run butcher shops where all the sausages, wieners, and bacon are homemade. The quality of the meat they sell is not something you get in a supermarket, but far superior. The clerks are knowledgeable and always have the answer to your questions on cooking or the correct cut or whatever.

Back in the 1970's when I lived in Missouri and families drove big station wagons, I had a very big cooler that I would fill with bratwurst, fresh and smoked Polish sausage, kiszka, German wieners, and whatever the market was featuring at that time.  I always hoped I would get back to Michigan before my freezer in Missouri ran out of Westsider meat.

Frank's Market is on West Fulton St.  It was established in 1933 so the business is older than I am.  A couple of years ago Tom and I were in the store and we were shown fresh Kielbasa patties that Frank's makes for the fire stations' kitchens.  A Polish egg muffin is one the fireman's favorite breakfast sandwiches.  Of course, Tom and I had to bring some patties home and try the breakfast of the fire-fighting heroes.

After trying these sandwiches, I will be serving fresh Polish sausage for breakfast sausage to give breakfast or brunch a different zing and to break the old habit of always serving breakfast sausage with eggs.


Soft English muffins, Thomas-brand don't work well
Fresh Polish sausage, cooked
Sliced cheese
Ingredients:  Fresh Polish sausage, patties or ring, eggs, cheese slices, and English muffins.

Cook sausage patties by browning on each side, adding a little water to skillet, cover, and steam until done.  Turn oven to its lowest setting.  Put English muffin bottoms in a baking pan.  Top bottoms with a cheese slice.  Put tops of muffins in a pan.  Put pans in the oven while sausage is cooking. When sausage is done, drain if necessary.  Put sauage on top of the cheese.  Wipe excess grease out of pan, if necessary.  Break eggs into pan.  Add some water into the pan.  Cover pan and cook eggs to desire doneness.  Put cooked eggs on top of sausage.  Top eggs with muffin tops.  Wrap sandwiches in waxed paper, aluminum foil, or other oven-proof wrapping.  Put wrapped sandwiches back into baking pan and allow the flavors to meld while the sandwich bonds together.

Frank's Kielbasa in pattie form instead of ring form.

 Leftover cooked ring form Kielbasa sliced to make sandwich.  See:  http://michigancottagecook.blogspot.com/2010/12/kiszka-how-to-cook-it.html for how to cook Polish Sausage.
Brown each side of the Kielbasa patties.  Add a little water to the skillet.

Cover skillet and let the patties cook until 160° F.

Meanwhile heat oven to its lowest setting.

I am making three muffins, so I put the bottom of three muffins in a baking dish.

Top bottoms of muffins with cheese.  Put the tops of the muffins in the pan.  Put the pan in the oven.

When the patties are cooked, put them on top of the cheese slices.

I had warmed-up left-over ring-style Polish, sliced, so I put it on the third muffin.

Remove and extra grease from the frying pan.  Break eggs into the pan.

Add a little water to the pan.

Cover the pan and cook eggs to desired doneness.

Eggs are ready.

Top sausage with eggs.

Top the eggs with warmed English muffin tops.

Now to make the sandwiches taste like the breakfast sandwiches you buy at a fast food restaurant.

To make them taste like fast food only better, wrap each muffin in waxed paper, aluminum foil, or other oven-proof wrapping.

Put wrapped muffins back in the baking pan and return the pan to the warm oven.  Let rest to meld the flavors and allow the muffins to become soft and part of the sausage and egg.

Unwrapped and serve.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!

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