Sunday, August 29, 2010


About half way between the Michigan border and Grand Haven is the delightful town of South Haven.  It is located on Lake Michigan with the country side around it full of blueberry farms and peach orchards. 

It is a beautiful town where the main street runs right down to the beach and the pier.

With blocks of fun shops, the sidewalks are all shaded by lovely trees making shopping even on hot days enjoyable.  For some reason, Grand Haven cut all their shopping district's trees down and now there is no shade just hot sun in the summer.

The main street runs down to the riverfront with parking places available so you can stroll about and enjoy the water.

At 330 Kalamazoo Street is the Black River Books.  http://www.blackriverbooks.net/ or info@blackriverbooks.net

Black River Books is what my heaven looks like with dogs and books stacked everywhere.

There are shelves and rooms filled with used or rare, collectible books.

Pam and Dirck Haferman are there to answer any of your questions and direct you to just the book you were looking for that day.

Before we headed to the beach, we had to go to the bakery. 

With cases and cases of baked goods it was hard to decide what to try.  I went with a blueberry scone which was moist, and one made you want two.  I am working on a Michigan Cottage Cook version of the scone I had.

Along the river front is a sidewalk with shaded benches and picnic tables.

South Haven Pier Head.

South Haven beach.

South Haven is an extremely dog friendly town with filled water bowls and dog treats available all over town.  Katrinka and Izzy are ready for a return trip to South Haven, and I am too.


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