Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The Cherry/Berry/Peach Lady's, at the Muskegon Farmer's Market, name is Shirley.  Her Grandfather named their farm Golden-Hart Fruit Farm because it is in two counties, Hart and Golden.  She taught Foods for 38 years.

Today she gave out great hints on buying and ripening peaches.  To see if a peach is ripe, do not pinch, but look at the stem end.  The stem end should not be green around the stem but yellow.  Yellow means it is ripe.  To ripen peaches, place stem down on a counter or on a paper on a table.  (Shirley has lots of counter space and as you know I do not!! so I will put them on paper on my dining room table.)  Do not let the peaches touch.  If the peaches touch each other it will cause brown spots.  Cover with a towel.  Check for ripeness every couple of days until the area around the stem is yellow.

See the green-tinge around the stem end of the peach on the right?  That one is not ripe.  The one on the left is ripe as the light area is yellow.  Double click on the picture for a better view of the green color.

To ripen peaches, place stem end down and do not allow the peaches to touch.  Cover with a towel.  Where ever the peaches touch, a brown spot will appear.

When buying fruit by the basket, Shirley recommends buying medium sized fruit as you get more per basket as the larger size causes large spaces between the individual fruit.  She has spent years packing fruit in baskets so I surely do take her word for it.

Shirley's quick recipe for the day:  Stuff seeded cantaloupe with blueberries for a quick and lucious dessert.   A quick tip from Nelda:  Serve a wedge of lime when serving melons of all kinds.

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