Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In Michigan, Fat Tuesday is not about beads and parades.  It is about the extremely rich filled Polish doughnuts called Paczki, (punch-key or poonch-kee) and a polka band at the Donut Den in Grand Rapids.  Paczki means little pocket in Polish. 

Having Paczki on Fat Tuesday was the traditional way for Polish households to use up the extra fat, eggs, cream, and rich jams before the austerity of Lenten meals.  Like Mardi Gras, it is a celebration before the fasting time of Lent. 

The traditional Polish recipe for Paczki calls for 2 cups of whipping cream, 10 large egg yolks and 150-proof Polish potato spirits.  The calorie count for one Paczki can run from 400 to 700 calories with at least 27 fat grams depending on the side of the Paczki and the filling.

So yummy!!!

In Poland the filling is prune with a small spoonful of rose-petal jelly.  In Michigan, the fillings run from prune to lemon, apple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, Holland cream, apricot, and custard.  They are dusted with powdered sugar or granulated sugar.  With so many wonderful fillings, it is hard to eat just one Paczki.

Come join the fun.

There are boxes of Paczki everywhere.

The lines keep getting longer.

The ladies are so busy and so efficient.

Good Polish music. Check out Tom who is taking this photo in the mirror behind the Polka players

More boxes of paczki.

Boxes ready for pick-up.

A magician entertained the crowds.

So much fun. Check out Tom taking this photo in the mirror behind the Polka players.

Such indulgence.

I love the raspberry ones.

The lines just continue to grow.

Fun for everyone!!!!

I made a new friend today.  Her name is Carolyn.

We had to take a box home.

Place your order.

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  1. JULIE!! What great pics! and words...especially love the pic in front of Marges about meeting new friends...sweet! :)
    You have a WONDERFUL blog spot! so cheerful! and informative!! I will be checking back!