Thursday, March 3, 2011


One of my favorite web sites is the Sidney Eagles on the Hancock Wildlife site.  I have learned so much about eagles and eaglets.  I have watch the eaglets hatch, the eagles feed their young, and mate.


This winter we have had multiple sightings every day of eagles flying along the shores of Lake Michigan and up into the woods on the dunes around us.  There are at least two mature eagles and one immature one.  As long as Katrinka was with us, I knew nothing would bother Izzy.

Four days ago Izzy and I were on the way to the library.  As we walked to the car, I heard this loud chirping sound.  I looked up and saw two mature eagles were flying side by side over the roof of my across the street neighbor while calling out to one another with their unique chirp. 

Today one of the mature eagles came so close to the deck on the cottage that even with my cataract covered eyes I could see its eyes and the feathers on its face.   I hope it wasn't looking for Izzy.  I haven't been able to find out how much weight an eagle can lift; however, I think she might be a juicy target.

 Izzy out chasing squirrels on the deck.  Let's hope an eagle gets a squirrel and not her.  I watch her carefully when she is out.

Izzy will not be going out alone anymore.  I sat down to have a cup of tea when suddenly a flock of sparrows feeding at the deck feeders took off in a swirl of feathers.  The next thing I saw was a mature eagle so low over the deck, I could have touched it if I had been outside, chasing the sparrows with a immature eagle a few seconds behind the white head and tail eagle.  Exciting to watch as long as you are behind glass windows and doors.

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