Sunday, September 12, 2010


Landdag means country day in English.  We had our country day in the pouring rain at the Hudsonville fairgrounds.

Food, crafts, games, music and Frisian horses were all part of the wonderful day.

Happy people were the biggest part of the day.

Food is a big part of any gathering and we had plenty.  This is Banket, almond paste filling rolled in flaky pastry and baked.  My neighbor, who is from the Netherlands, is going to show me her recipe for Banket to put on the blog for Christmas.  In the meantime, try Michigan Cottage Cook Post 5/1/10 for an Almond Bar recipe which gives you the wonderful flavor of Banket without the work.

Boter Koek, Butter Cake, was on sale.  For a recipe go to Michigan Cottage Cook Post 5/3/10.  Boter Koek is like a shortbread cookie only it is more moist.  Delicious!

VanderVeen's The Dutch Store was at Landdag selling all things Dutch.  If you can't shop at their store in Grand Rapids go to: http://www.thedutchstore.com/

The antique herring cart was there.

With people enjoying herring.  Do you want chopped onions on yours?

Happy people were everywhere.  She is selling cheese filled currant buns.

Cheese filled buns and honey cake.

The families of Tante Nellie's Kitchen work very hard raising  money for Word and Deed USA.  They can be found at the Holland, MI Tulip Festival on Windmill Island serving Dutch meals.

Julie Clason and Mary Lou Cogbill of Tante Nellie's Kitchen serve my very favorite.

Oliebollen!!!  Dutch Fritter or Fat Balls.  Julie and Mary Lou have given me permission to use their recipe on Michigan Cottage Cook.

Served with powdered sugar to dip in.

Inside of Oliebollen so light and lucious.

Happy people working for their church selling pea soup and sateh with peanut sauce. 

Indonesian Sateh with peanut sauce.  For a recipe see Michigan Cottage Cook Post 5/4/10.

Dutch Pea Soup.  For a recipe see Michigan Cottage Cook Post 5/2/10.

The resourceful Dutch didn't let rain keep them from grilling Sateh.  One man, commenting on the rain, said, "It's a Dutch Day."  Another answered saying, "It's not cold enought!"

Toe tapping, dancing music was provided by the Grand Rapids Accordion Ensemble.

Our Grand Daughter singing the Star Spangled Banner.  The Dutch didn't forget to honor the country that had welcomed them with open arms.  They came seeking religious freedom, economic opportunity or haven after Europe was ravaged by two World Wars.

One of the games was Dutch Shuffle Board.

Beautiful Frisian horses, originally from Friesland Province gave a demonstration which I couldn't stay for as I had a Grandson's football game to attend.  The Frisian horse is the size of a light draft horse but is known for its grace and nimbleness.  It was originally a War Horse in the Middle Ages.

I had trouble getting a good picture of the horses as I kept getting this view.  With the size of their hooves I kept my distance with my flash camera.

Being a Dutch gathering, someone was always on hand to clean up and keep the tables spotless.

Everyone is a friend at the Landdag.  I enjoyed talking to Oma and Opa.  Oma is hoping her sister in the Netherlands with see her picture on Michigan Cottage Cook. 

Thank you Dutch International Society for another lovely Landdag.


  1. I would like to get a hold of Julie Clason of Hudsonville, MI. I like her work and would be interested in purchasing some items. Can you help me out??

    Julie Luginbill - Decatur, IN

  2. I will be in Grand Rapids area tomorrow, I will see what I can find for you. I know she will be on Windmill Island at Tulip Time in May.

  3. Congratulations with the coverage of Landdag. For more on the Dutch in English, consider subscribing to the Windmill Herald! You receive plenty in Dutch to keep this beautiful language alive in your life and an entire section in English to help foster your Dutch roots or kindle interest. A special series examines origins of Dutch surname groups, see also www.GoDutch.com.

  4. Thank you for your ideas! I am glad you like the coverage. I so enjoy doing it.