Thursday, September 2, 2010


This summer at the arts and crafts shows I kept seeing decorative signs that said something like, “Life brings storms. The secret of happiness is to learn to dance in the rain.” We are dancing! as we start a new adventure.  If you don't see a new blog every day, you know we will be out dancing!! although we have lots of great new blogs in the works.

Positive thinking is also a required component of a happy life and for good results in any kind of treatment you do for your health. I am positive I will touch my nose to my knee some day in a yoga stretch. Tom is positive his doctors and nurses will enable him, to quote our fave nurse, “Kick cancer in the butt!”

To keep things positive and in an adventurous mood, you have to make things fun. Trips to the doctor can be combined with a lunch date or a little shopping time at your favorite store. Our daughter-in-law sells 31 BAGS. She had a thermal 31 BAG embroider with CHEMO SNACKS for the food Tom has to carry to his treatments. It was the talk of the chemo room. Everyone loved it. He has to eat during chemo to keep the nausea at bay.

31 BAGS come in all sizes and shapes with many different beautiful patterns. They can be custom embroidered in your favorite colors with your favorite saying or name. I have a large one that stands up, embroidered with, “Van Junque” for the back of our van. It holds umbrellas, dog bowls, sunscreen, bug spray, wipes and all the necessary things we carry around and usually roll around in the car. There are great gym bags, purses, and any kind of bag you can imagine. You can reach our Daughter-In-Law at:

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  1. Tom has all of our support to kick this cancer in the butt!! Thank you for your posts. They are a bright spot in my day. I just started reading the Wade Rouse book and I am LOVING it.