Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The Feast of the Strawberry Moon, is a reenactment of a rendezvous of settlers, Native Americans, French voyageurs, traders and craftsmen, merchants, and soldiers along the mouth of the Grand River where it empties into Lake Michigan.  A rendezvous gave everyone a chance to visit, check out the news of the area, and trade for what each group needed.  The June moon is called the Strawberry Moon because strawberries ripen in June in Michigan

To quote the brochure given out by the Tri-Cities Historical Museum (tri-citiesmuseum.org),  "Grand Haven is one of the most historically significant areas in all of Michigan.  Beginning 300 years ago near the mouth of the Grand River, its heritage is firmly rooted in the cultures of Native Americans, fur trappers, and French voyageurs of the late 18th Century."

Welcome to the year 1760.

Soldier from the Seven Years War.

The Massachusetts's Provincial Battalion during military drills.

Women spinning yarn and knitting.

The indoor traveling kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen.

I love the socks.

Nap time.

1760's mini-van.

Women's work is never done.

Hot running water as long as someone holds the bucket over you.

French Marines.

French voyageur.  The voyageurs worn the traditional sash around their waist to support their backs when lifting heavy bundles of fur.  They frequently paddled their canoes for 16 hours at a time.  Made camp and did the same thing over again the next day.

Candle making.


Cousin Martha.

The department store.

French Voyageur's canoe and trade good.

Native American's RV made of bark and reeds.

The pantry.


Voyageur's canoe with fur pelts.

Young man representing the Ojibwa Tribe of Native Americans.

Cooking and smoking fish.

Trade goods.

Voyageurs relaxing.

Kitchen utensils with an apple pie in the foreground.

Frying catfish nuggets.

Sign at the Healer's tent.

The Healer's tools:  Leeches, ear cup and knife for blood letting, and bandages.

The Native American's products.

My high school's mascot was the Red Hawk.  This is for my friends from Union High School, Grand Rapids.


Red flannel underwear is a must.

Sign at the tent of a trader named Frenchy.

"My hat it has three corners."

French trader with his wares.
Horns for sale.
The blacksmith.

Another outdoor kitchen.  I like kitchens.

Having lunch and resting before packing up and moving on.

As I say, "I like kitchens."

Canoe with furs.


This is an Ugly Jug.  The more usual ugly creation was an Ugly Mug.  If you did bad, an Ugly Mug was made for you to help people identify and ostracize you.
Cousin Martha wants some reed shoes.

I want the wooden shoes.

Native American with his puppy.

The fabric store.

Rug maker.


Resting in the shade.

A hammer dulcimer. and now it is time to head back to 2012. 


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time at the event, us reenactors did too. Very nice pictures, I spied quite a few of reenactors I know. I'm the one holding the baby 10 pictures down.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I see you with the baby. I so appreciate you comments on the pictures as my late husband use to take the pictures and since his passing I have to do it. I go the the Feast every year and enjoy it very much.