Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have never been to a cookie exchange.  My life, since I moved to Michigan, has not been conducive to parties.  I went to Judy's party to photograph it and to see how she did it so I could post her advice on the blog.  Judy and her daughter, Veronica, have had a cookie exchange every year since 2004.

How many to invite:  They invite between 18 and 25 people.  They plan for 80 percent of that number coming to the party.

What each guest brings:  The guests bring 3 dozen cookies, and an empty container in which take cookies home, and a wrapped gift for a gift exchange.  Judy limits the gifts to 10 dollars.  (I find gift cards to Panera are always welcome and easy to get.)

When all the guests have arrived, they each introduce themselves as they don't always all know each other. Then Judy and Veronica serve hot cider and a dessert so people can visit and get to know each other.

Judy has 2 games planned to play, one of which is the gift exchange.  She likes to divide people up by putting a stamp on their name tag, or going around the room and having every one count 1 or 2.  This gets people involved with everyone, and not just the person they are sitting next to before the games.

After the games, Judy has everyone line up with their empty cookie container.  Each person goes down the line of cookies and takes ONE cookie of EACH kind, puts it in their container, and moves to the end of the line.  This continues until all the cookies are gone.

Looks yummy to me.  Tom would have gotten better pictures.  One of things I plan to do when I am laid up because of my knee surgery is to learn how to use his camera.

Cake Pops, the new "in" thing.  The Reindeer in back of the green, red, and white ones are so cute.

 Raspberry Bars, one of my favorites.  See:  http://michigancottagecook.blogspot.com/2011/02/raspberry-or-apricot-almond-bars-with.html  for my Raspberry Bar recipe.


Mounds and Almond Joy cookies.  Love coconut.

German Anise Cookies, in the middle container in the back row, look interesting.

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