Sunday, April 3, 2011


This post is coming directly from Lack's Cancer Center in Grand Rapids where we are researching hospital food.  We haven't posted or changed the picture as we are keeping busy here at the hospital.  We will keep you posted on the food as soon as Tom is allowed to eat.   I have been having tea, Little Cuties, the mandarin oranges, and McDonald's late at night as Izzy and I drive back to Grand Haven. 

Izzy loves splitting a cheese burger and a small bag of fries with me  I can share with you that if you like the small burgers and double cheeseburgers that they are made with re-hydrated dried onions.  I actually like the re-hydrated onions better than the fresh on a burger.

It is snowing here.  Most of our family is in the sun on spring break.  I was going to post a lovely pot roast recipe with an Asian touch to celebrate the spring snow, but all the pictures are at home.

Have a lovely day.  We will keep you posted on any hospital food we try.


  1. It is difficult to spend your days at the hospital. What does Izzy do while you are at the hospital? You and Tom are in my prayer book. Peace

  2. Thank you for your prayers. To my shock, Izzy is allowed in Tom's room. She is getting to be quite the little travel as she makes the automatic doors open and prances through the lobby. However, when it comes to the elevator, she is not happy to enter that big box. I usually just throw her over my shoulder. The Great Dane that comes as a Care Dog doesn't like the elevator either. He can't be carried so his handler has to walk up four flights of stairs to get him up to the patient floors. Thank you!!