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Pulaski Days is celebrated the first full weekend in October each year.  See:  www.PULASKIDAYS.org

When Pulaski Days started 40 years ago, I was long gone from Grand Rapids so I had never celebrated the day.  Reuniting with my high school friends, I asked one to take me to a Polish Hall to sample the food.  We went for lunch and timed it right because after we were served our food, the lines started forming and the Hall became crowded.

The day is a celebration of General Casimir Pulaski.  According to Wikipedia, General Pulaski was both a war hero from Poland and the United States. 

He was a Polish nobleman who fought against the Russian domination of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.  When the upraising failed, he went to America as a solider of fortune. 

During the American Revolutionary War, he saved George Washington's life and became a general in Continental Army.  He is known as the father of the American Cavalry.  He is one of seven people who have been made honorary United States citizen.

A quote from Alicia Haven in the Pulaski Days booklet, "Na Zdriwuem, and welcome to the 40th Anniversary of Pulaski Days!  I hope all of you are able to enjoy the company of our great Polish community right here in Grand Rapids this weekend."
From Lisa M. Suttle, "So, it is the time of year for all of us to dig deep into our closet and pull out our best red and white attire to spread around the Polish spirit.  It is also a time for family and friends to gather near and far to celebrate another polka weekend "aka Pulaski Days."
This year, let's raise our beers to salute all of our Family&Friends.  Why don't we all eat, drink and be Happy to Celebrate.  So, always remember to keep a SMILE on your face and POLKA song in your HEART!  Na Zdrowie!!" 
Bonnie chose Kosciuszho Hall for our lunch.

Kitchen staff hard at work.


Everyone had a really happy smile.

The Polish Combination Plate:  Kielbasa, golumbki, meatball, kapusta, pierogies, mashed potatoes and gravy, rye bread and butter all for $8.00 American.

Cherry Pierogies, to die for! and I am not talking about their fat content.

Modern Polish General leading her troops.

Her red button says, Polish Girls Gone Wild.  Her T-shirt says, You Bet Your "Dupa" I'm Polish.

It is all about the food for us.  Char, Bonnie's sister, digs into her combination plate.

 A really big beer bottle.

It won't even fit on one picture.

The Polish flag and T-shirts for sale.  You could also buy blinking lights for your hair.

One of the Polish drinking teams.  Picture is a little blurry, but by the end of the day their vision will probably be blurry too.

Good friend Bonnie.
I like versions of the Night Before
Christmas such as the book, The Cajun Night Before Christmas, so from the Pulaski Days booklet is this poem by Theresa Peterlein dedicated to all the hard working Pulaski Days Volunteers.
The Night Before Pulaski Days
Twas the night before Pulaski Days, when all through the Halls not a creature was stirring, long ago was last call
The beer banners were hung by the bars with great care in hopes that the masses soon would be there
When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter  We sprang to our feet to see what was the matter
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the shuttle bus with people ready to drink more beer.
We served so much Captain Morgan  He was promoted to General Along with his aids, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel
More rapid than eagles, the beer they did drink And they whistled and shouted and passed out in a blink
The bands played the polka, the waltz, and bunny hop  Until we had our fill of that music and just wished they would stop
Then, in a twinkling, the laughter and roar did increase From the prancing and pawing of the dancer's feet
To the basement the volunteers did run  To replenish the beer, whiskey, gin and more rum
And then it was over, out the doors they did flow  The Halls became quiet, and it was time to go
But I heard the Grand Marshall exclaim as he drove out of sight  Another Pulaski Days is over, and to all a good-night.
Happy Pulaski Days.

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