Sunday, October 16, 2011


October is more than half gone and we still have not had a frost.  Jack Frost is no longer tapping on the window, he is pounding on the door.  Some weather reports predict snow on Thursday.  Time to finish putting food away for the winter.

I just learned a few years ago that tomatoes freeze beautifully and do not need to be blanched before freezing.  If you have the room in your freezer, you can put whole tomatoes in a freezer bag and just throw them into the freezer.  I never have room so I run them through the blender before putting them in bags in the freezer.  I then have fresh tomato flavor to put in my winter soups and other dishes.

I like to do some cherry-type tomatoes and some Roma tomatoes.  If you want seedless tomato puree, cut the Roma tomatoes in half then run your thumb under the seeded part to remove.  Being Dutch, I hate to waste all that tomato so I usually do not remove the seeds.

 Cherry-typed tomatoes rinsed and drained.

 Instead of a blender, you can use a food processor for small amounts of tomatoes.


Bagged up and ready to be frozen to enjoy this coming winter.

This is where I lament that fact that things just aren't made the way they use to be made!!!  In the 1960's I "purchased" an Oster blender with S&H Green Stamps.  Green Stamps were like the points you now get on your credit card except you had to lick all the stamps and paste them into books.  When you had enough books, you went to a redemption center, presented your books and took home your heart's desire.  All three of my children started out their lives sleeping in a crib from the S&H Green Stamp redemption center.

I used that blender constantly.  In the 1970's I was Earth Mother.  I made baby food, homemade peanut butter, crushed ice, made drinks, if it needed crushing, pureeing or blending, it went in my blender.  I would get that motor smokin'.  Finally a year ago it died during tomato season.  Tom and I went out an purchased another Oster because I had 50 years of service from the old one.  This year, a year later, during tomato season, the new blender's plastic housing split and is no longer usable.  It has been said before and I will say it again, "They just don't make things the way they used to make them."
Roma tomatoes rinsed and drained.

 To remove seeds, cut tomato in half.  Run your thumb under the seeded part to remove.

Tom's Vita-Mixer

I was going to go out and buy another blender when I remember Tom had brought, from his California home, a Vita-Mixer.  I found it in the basement and even found the instruction book in a file cabinet. I am not buying another blender.  I think this thing can do everything including launching a small dog into space.  You better be a good girl, little Izzy!

I'll be good, I promise, I promise!

Roma's ready for freezer.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

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