Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today is one of my favorite times in Holland, Michigan.  The Tulip Festival starts in Centennial Park with a big Art Show.  My friends Millie and Rod are part of the show with their Native Textures Stone Pendants.  Tom and I met Millie and Rod because we love their jewelry and then found we loved them too. 

This is the fountain in the center of Centennial Park in Holland, MI.  One hundred years ago, my Grandpa Budde sat on a bench in this park with his head in his hands wondering, "What have I done?" after immigrating to the United States.

 Millie and Rod's jewelry.  I will take one of each.

 Rod, cold and wet but working hard.

 So very pretty.  I'll just take the whole box.

Millie hiding her light behind her jewelry.  She was in the picture when I pointed the camera.

Three blocks from Centennial Park is Cino de Mayo Fiesta on 8th Street in the Holland Farmer's Market.  I could go from one booth to another and eat all day the luscious Mexican food available. 

One of my favorite restaurants, but the line is long and it is raining hard.

 Arturo's makes wonderful tacos.  His mother is fantastic.

 Fancy hats.

 Good looking fruit.

Deli Joe's is a bakery too.  I had a cream cheese strawberry empanada.  Yum.

 Great ingredients make great tacos.

 Do you want hot or mild salsa? 

My Pastor Taco, marinated pork with grilled pineapple, red onions, and avocado cream.  I like their hot salsa.

I don't know why most years it has to rain during the Art Show and Fiesta.  I came home soaking wet after walking through the show and standing in line at only one food booth.  Notice I said walking.  My new knees are starting to feel like they are part of me instead of those "things" in my legs.  I also came home with a happy tummy after eating Pastor Tacos from Deli Joe's.

Although most of the tulips are gone because of the warm weather in March, there are still flowers to be seen.  Here the home owners use umbrellas to keep the rain off of their tree peonies.

 What a colorful yard.

 I could live happily here.

  The end.

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